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 One-To-One Quality Care

Our overarching goal at Brightside is to provide top-quality care. 

As demands on healthcare are steadily rising, the uniqueness of a one-to-one experience is increasingly rare but incongruously, increasingly necessary.  With a one-to-one ratio, we can offer real privacy, confidentiality, comfort, and attention. 

The focus is on you, your injury or condition and your outcome. 

Therapeutic Exercise

It is standard, and often best practice, to provide therapeutic exercises to patients attending physiotherapy.  Therapeutic Exercise can refer to movements that relieve pain, correct maladaptive compensatory patterns, improve mobility and flexibility, or target increased strength and/or endurance.  The manner in which these exercises can be provided varies widely.  Some therapists will delegate exercise prescriptions to Kinesiologists or Exercise Therapists, some will send patients home with a HEP (Home Exercise Program), while others may use exercise only sparingly.  At Brightside Physiotherapy, you will be provided with a Supervised Therapeutic Exercise program.  This means that your exercises will be prescribed by the physiotherapist, supervised for hands-on correction of faulty movement mechanics and performed in the privacy of the clinic gym.

Manual Therapy

Our goal is to get you, the patient, feeling and moving better.  Sometimes this can be done through corrective exercises, but often it requires some hands-on therapy.  Physiotherapists are trained to perform a variety of manual techniques including soft tissue and joint mobilizations.  Some might refer to soft tissue mobilization as massage.  Regarding joint mobilizations, in layman's terms, some joints move too much, some don't move enough.  A physiotherapist's job is to "wiggle" the joints that don't move enough.     

Modalities & Acupuncture

These adjunct therapies certainly have their place.  They are the "feel good" therapies. Pain is an inevitable part of any injury and it is often the primary motivator for attending physiotherapy.  Electrical modalities, ultrasound, and acupuncture can be effective in relieving pain and sometimes aid in reducing recovery times.  We are well-equipped at Brightside to provide any or all of these types of therapies on an as-needed, basis. 

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