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Welcome to 

Brightside Physiotherapy

Thank you for taking the first step toward working with us. Our Physiotherapy clinic takes your recovery and rehabilitation one step further, because this is where Physiotherapy meets Fitness.

We want you to have the complete Brightside Experience and that starts here. 



Our journey together starts with a detailed history, a thorough hands-on assessment and a comprehensive treatment plan. In other words, we strive to collect as much information as we need to do determine what is wrong, how we can help you fix or manage it and predict how long it might take. If you are looking for a better understanding of what is happening in your body, why you are experiencing the pain you are, and a plan for moving forward, please consider booking with us.



To sum it up in excessively simple terms, Kinesiology is to Physiotherapy, as Hygienist is to Dentist. 

 Kinesiologists are experts in human anatomy and movement and they have many overlapping skills with Physiotherapists. The primary differentiating feature is that only Physiotherapists can provide a diagnosis. In our healthcare climate of having too many patients and short supply of resources, we are striving to meet the demand by working together and combining our skills to enhance the efficiency of our service. 

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