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Know Pain,
Know Gain

A few facts and misconceptions

Pain is a good thing


Pain is an alarm: It lest us recognize when we are ill or injured.

Prolonged pain however can reinforce neural pathways and increase overall sensitivity. Physiotherapy can help reduce pain and sensitivity and help restore normal range of motion and function. 

It's not always your age


A common misconception is that if you are hurt or sore, it's probably just because you are getting older. This isn't always the case.  These conditions are often influenced by a number of factors other than your age and should be investigated properly. Pain is derived from a number of sources including anatomical limitations, context, personal beliefs and past experiences. Education and treatment are the key to becoming pain free. 

Pain control


Pain can be disruptive and distracting to every day life if not properly managed. If you find yourself unable to participate in everyday activities that you normally do, then your pain isn't being adequately managed and its time to seek help to manage or eliminate the pain that is causing the restriction. Physiotherapy uses exercise, stretching and modalities as tools to restore function and to get you back to what you love.  

Masking Verses Fixing


Many people with pain or injury try to manage the pain by ignoring the symptoms or trying to mask the symptoms with pain killers or medication. Often attempting mask the symptoms without investigating the root cause of the problem results in the symptoms persisting. Physiotherapy is designed to assess the cause and shorten the healing time, returning you to regular activities.

You are not  alone


Being in pain can feel lonely and frustrating. There are others with similar conditions. Talking to a physiotherapist can shed light on what you are going through and give you a better understanding of the mechanics that are contributing to your situation. You are not alone.




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