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Looking for a Full-Time Physiotherapist

This is not your average job posting that is boring to read and struggles to identify themselves as a unique offering by saying things like “work-life balance” or “competitive compensation." This job posting promises to provide as enticing as it is entertaining. However, I’m not just posting for your amusement. I want you to apply, and here’s why:

I have been operating as a solo-practitioner in Qualicum Beach for the last 6 years and I have reached my capacity. I have wanted to grow this practice for a number of years, but I have been waiting for the right time and right space. The right space was listed early summer 2022 and I knew right away that the time is now. I am thrilled because we are creating the clinic that I have always wanted to work in. As we are in the middle of renovations, and don’t currently have pictures of this new space, allow me to paint you a picture:

The reception area is bright, inviting and energizing. The treatment rooms are over-sized, naturally lit and completely private. If you practice pelvic floor Physiotherapy, look no further. Every treatment room has a closed door! The gym is large, open and fully-equipped. My favourite part about the gym is that it is actually used. It is not an afterthought. We have a separate staff bathroom with a shower. So if you workout during a break, you can rinse off after. We have a breakroom for staff. It is a little oasis if you just need a minute for yourself or if you need a refresh. What makes this space even better is location, location, location. It is primely located downtown Qualicum Beach. Therefore, if you have a gap in the middle of your workday you can step outside and within 5 minutes (walking distance) you can be at the nearest coffee shop, or you can be walking one of the beautiful nature trails in town. Or, if you can’t step away from the office, you can just look out the window and see the ocean. I love our new space and I can’t wait to show you how it looks when the renos are complete.

If I’ve held your attention up to this point, then I’ve managed to capture your interest. Please apply so that we can chat further, I’d love to meet you!

Treatment Philosophy

Here is a little more about us and how we choose to practice. We are really serious and passionate about getting people moving. If you are the type of therapist who loves to just slap on modalities, or stick needles in and walk away, please apply elsewhere. We are looking for Physiotherapists who share our passion for providing movement-based interventions. Of course, there is a time and place for modalities, needling, manual therapy, and all the hands-on, feel good passive therapies that patients love. I’m not saying we don’t do that stuff. I’m saying that each and every one of your patients should be provided with some type of movement-based therapy. An exercise program that it thoughtfully designed by you and that you’ve actually seen your patient do, correctly! We are also very firm on only seeing one patient at a time. We strongly believe that juggling multiple patients at once is neither good for you as a therapist nor for your patients. The only exception to this would be if you are leading a group of patients in an exercise class that is designed for their specific diagnosis. For example, we offer the GLA:D ® Program and Running Clinics, as well as many other workshops and programs throughout the year. Some of these programs can be included as part of your Physiotherapy treatment plan. If this sounds like the way you practice, or would like to practice, please apply! We would love to work with you.


What's so special about Qualicum Beach

If I haven’t convinced you to apply yet, let me share a little bit about Qualicum Beach. It is one of Canada’s most popular retirement communities. However, we will forever thank ourselves for not waiting until we retired to move here. Because I can't say it better myself, this is borrowed from the Town of Qualicum Beach materials:

“Life in Qualicum Beach is as busy or as relaxed as you like. It hosts recreational facilities and activities for every age group, including a pool, bmx trail, mountain bike trails, and a skate park. Oh and don’t forget the three golf courses!

There is also a vibrant music and art scene showcased regularly at the Old School House, Village Theatre, and other attractive venues. Qualicum Beach is most acclaimed however, for it’s pristine natural setting. It boasts 41 kilometres of maintained trails, and four kilometers of curving, postcard-perfect beach. The promenade is lined with picnic tables, shade trees, and amenities. Come Summer, you can go for a swim, rent a kayak, cool down with an ice cream, read a book, or just watch the kids frolic.”

I could go on about how wonderful it is to live and work in Qualicum Beach. One of my favourite reasons is that the large majority of the patient population is private paying, highly motivated and prefer to attend sessions during attractive midday hours.

If you have an extra 5 minutes you can follow the link below to learn more about what the Oceanside area has to offer:



Finally, what you have all be waiting for…COMPENSATION! In fact, I suspect a few of you scrolled past everything else until you hit this section. If you haven’t read any of the preamble, I encourage you to go back and read through it. I want to be really clear and straight with you here. We are looking for an employee, not an independent contractor. Being an employee to a great deal for both of us. It means that we can help you build your caseload and, in return, you are loyal to the Brightside brand. We are prepared to offer an hourly wage as you build your caseload and then transition to a fee split after 3 months. Depending on your level of experience and any specialized training you have, we will offer between $40-50/hour to start, then transition to 45-55% fee split. In addition to these earnings, we will also include a health spending account AND a wellness spending account, starting at $1500 per year total. We choose to offer these spending accounts instead of traditional extended healthcare benefits, as it allows for far more flexibility and versatility. With the wellness account you have the opportunity to cover the expense of health-related expenditures including things like a new bicycle, professional or personal development, a gym membership and even athletic attire. When you calculate the fee split to include these benefits, plus CPP and EI contributions, 5 sick days per year and 2 weeks vacation (to start), a 45% fee split is actually equal to 55%.

A special offer to New Grads. I am passionate about lifelong learning and I love to teach. As such, I am more than happy to offer mentorship. This can be structured in many different ways and it would be mutually agreed upon. At a minimum, I will offer at 1 hour per week of dedicated mentorship time for the first full year.

Ocean Rocks

Grow With Us

Who is WE? When I say “We," I’m not referring to some invisible army I have behind me. I am referring to my family. “We” is my husband Dustin and I, and to a lesser degree our 3 year old son. I say lesser degree not because he is smaller, but because he has yet to start really pulling his weight around here. I share this information with you because I want you to know that this is a family owned and operated business. We know the struggles of raising young children and meeting the demand of a busy healthcare practice. We are prepared to work WITH you by offering you some flexibility so that you can be there for the important moments while also helping to service the community of Qualicum Beach. My dream would be to work with a team in a helping culture. Whereby, if one of us has a sick kid, the others can help to cover off the caseload for that day. THAT, is who “We” is.

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