Looking for a Full-Time Physiotherapist

We have a bright future, exciting vision and clear path for growing our solo practice.  We are looking for the right person to grow with us.  At this time, we are in search of a full time Physiotherapist. This is a wonderful opportunity to slow down and work at the relaxed pace of seeing patients one to one.  Our clinic offers a nurturing and calm space where you can focus on one patient at a time while still making a living. We are prepared to offer a competitive fee split to the successful candidate and will include a health and/or wellness spending account. While Qualicum Beach is primarily a retirement community, we treat a wide variety of conditions with people of all ages. We have a 3 week waitlist and strong referral networks. We use Jane for billing, scheduling, telehealth appointments and electronic charting. If this sounds like an opportunity you would be interested in, we would love to hear from you at brightsidephysiotherapy@gmail.com

One-to-one treatment model

We take pride on offering a one on one service, where patients can expect between 30 to 60 minutes of direct contact with their Physiotherapist.  This allows the Physiotherapist more time to take a detailed history, perform a thorough assessment, troubleshoot exercises and provide comprehensive education and treatment plans.


Private Clinic Setting

Our small, private clinic is equipped with IFC, ultrasound, needling supplies, a treadmill, a stationary bike, a cable pulley machine, a high-low bed, a mechanical traction bed and a plethora of small exercise equipment. Everything  you might need for your unique practice.  



We are prepared to offer a competitive fee-split.  Our clinic has a 3 week waitlist and strong referral network. Building a caseload will not take long. After a 3-month probationary period, a health/wellness spending account will be offered.  This type of account allows for more flexibility in what can be covered vs the traditional benefit package. Continuing education, a gym membership or home exercise equipment are all examples of items eligible for coverage under a Wellness Spending Account. 

Ocean Rocks

Grow With Us

We are currently a small operation with big dreams. Our vision for Brightside Physiotherapy is exciting and we have a clear plan for growth. We are looking for a Physiotherapist who shares our values, our vision and is excited about growing with us.